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Post  Spindrift on Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:33 pm

Neltharion wrote:[size=150][Warcraft III delay reducer][/size]

Warcraft III delay reducer (W3DR) is a simple & small sized application aiming to reduce WC3 battle.net ingame latency (as DotA Client in fact but this program is so much lighter).

The software is available here.
Be sure to get the lastest version & read the changelog.

[size=125][Instructions]---[shamelessly stolen from the original site][/size]
-- Changing Delay --
Right click the icon in the task bar.
Enter your desired value into the text box and press Enter.
If the text box is disabled it means the program cannot find Warcraft III.
-- Switch Languages --
Right click the icon in the task bar.
Click Language then click on the desired language.
Restart W3DR.
If you only use English and dont want the Language menu to appear then just delete the Language folder in your W3DR directory.
-- Ingame Commands --
!dr 70
-- Notes --
You dont have to remake the game if you forget to open W3DR, you can just open it while in game and change the latency.
This is only for the host, if the host is not using W3DR then you will have delay, if the host is using W3DR then all players will have reduced delay (even if players dont have W3DR).
Players using GGC, LC, Hamachi and LAN can now reduce delay.
Vista users need admin priviliges.
It might be a good idea to put [DR] in the title of your games so others will know they are joining a delay free game, it also allows players who only join delay free games to easily identify games. eg. [dr] ap pros, leavers banned
-- Troubleshooting --
Errors while trying to start the application?
Then you need .Net Version 2 Framework.

[size=125][Related links][/size]
W3DR main page

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