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Post  Spindrift on Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:34 pm

Phase 1
1. Download BNCSutil.dll
2. Download pickup.listchecker.exe
3. Download pickup.listchecker.ini
4. Create a New Folder named Listchecker.
5. Put all three files you donwloaded in that New Folder.
(You can download the above 3 files here:
Phase 2
1. Now you need WinPcap you can get it when installing the Banlist, just press this site:
2. Install WinPcap and restart your computer.
(Note: If you already have working Banlist installed then you do not have to download the wincap.)
Phase 3
1. Open pickup.listchecker.ini file.
2. the bnetnetwrk should be So it should look like this
2. Enter in your CD Keys for Riegn of Chaos and Frozen Throne.
3. Enter in your Battlenet User Name and Password.
4. Once you are done save and exit pickup.listchecker.ini
Phase 4
1. Open Pickup.Listchecker.exe
2. It will asked you to change your WAR3 port go something different. Click the "YES" option so it does it automaticaly for you.
3. When it informs you about embedding your cd keys and username and password just click "YES" on all of them.
Phase 5
1. Now Open War3.
2. Go to Local Area Network.
3. Under Local Network Name, enter in your Battlenet User name. If you don't enter in your battlenet name battlenet might ban your cd keys.
4. After you enter your name under Local Network Name, cick Create Game at the bottom of the screen.
5. Now pick the map that you want to create then press "Create Game"
6. When is created. You should see and pickup.listchecker in the game.
7. Now type /hostbnetpublic gamename to make a public game. For example. You want to make Dota -ap .48b. Then you type /hostbnetpublic Dota -ap .48b. When you enter the command you will see that pickup.listchecker connect to and it will say game created successfully.
8. To make a private game the command is /hostbnet gamename. So if you want to make the Dota -ap .48b a private game you will type /hostbnet Dota -ap .48b.
9. The pickup.listchecker refresh the game itself every 10 seconds so you don't need to maunually refresh.
More commands can be found here :

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