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Post  monolith Mon Dec 01, 2008 5:10 pm

The next best thing to DotA, in my opinion. It features amazing strategy, teamwork (or FFA), builds and luck. Basically, since I don't feel like going into a detailed explanation, is there is a ring(or square or w.e depending on the gamemodes) that slowly shrinks. Inside the ring are the warlocks (players) who must use their spells that they buy to knock other players out of the arena. Outside the arena, is lava that deals damage over time (based agian, on the settings set by host) which is your main source of distruction. Kockback is based on damage points (mana) the more you have, the farther you are pushed by oncomming spells. The shrink speed, kill cap, DpS of lava, and more are all customizable at the start. There are many, many more features that I would love to explain but at the moment am too lazy to so anyone else who wishes to tell more, is welcomed to. I will prolly' write a detailed report some other time. Razz


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