Lanaya's Lanaya build XD

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Lanaya's Lanaya build XD Empty Lanaya's Lanaya build XD

Post  lanaya-pwns on Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:30 pm

Note: get these items in order and hope u own with lanaya.

2 wraiths - for stats, you can sell them later

Phase Boots - Lanaya needs some armor and attack so.. yea . .

blink dagger - used to escape when melded

deso - makes their armor more low when u meld-attack
manta - 3 Lanayasshooting at all ways, gives you like a Battle Fury-ish effect because of Psi Blades.

Butterfly - good item for Lanaya, because she needs evasion since she's fragile

Assualt Currias - another good item, DPS, ARMOR, and makes their armor even lower !

Hope you all like my build for LaNaYa!

Spindrift wrote:
Like a Star @ heaven (If you think that you have a great build with less than four items, please PM me for approval.)
tyler can't u read this and pm ME?

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