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WTFcraft3 - LC host (and a girl!)

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WTFcraft3 - LC host (and a girl!) Empty WTFcraft3 - LC host (and a girl!)

Post  WTFcraft Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:02 pm

Hi. I'm Heather (yes that would mean I'm a girl--but don't stereotype me). I've been chieftain of 2 clans (Clan XLP - founder) (Clan DtH) and have been shaman of 3 other clans (Rage, OoA, DtH). I TDA and have played CAL for 3 seasons. I've been playing DotA since v5.83. I retired from gaming for almost a year (last October - August) because I was in China and did not plan on returning to WC3. Since I have returned, I just like to play for fun (when I'm bored or procrastinate studying/hw), without hassle or expectations as a leader. I take breaks every now and then for a few months at a time. I'm graduating from college this December and plan to return to Asia for a few more months.
I can host (LC), so whenever I'm on, just /w me and I'll host one or two up if I'm not busy. I'm usually stomping with a friend I've been playing with for 3 years -- you're welcome to join us.

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WTFcraft3 - LC host (and a girl!) Empty Re: WTFcraft3 - LC host (and a girl!)

Post  Spindrift Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:43 pm

I am certain that none of us are surprised that you are female; so let you have no worries about that. We have had other female clan members in the past, and one of them was Shaman. I hope that maybe one day you will lose your Listchecker and join the ranks or either the DR or DotA Client army! Both of those tools can be found in the subforum of the DotA forum. I would also recommend becoming a Banlist host. It is a great feeling to know you are contributing to all of Azeroth.

Have fun playing with our clan...
Yeah the last female member we had was sent to the crazy house because tyler called everyday and tried to do things not apporiate to post.

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